About Us

The Gin Journey® is the leading light in gin tours in the UK. Established in August 2013 we’ve never looked back. We’re loving the gin renaissance just as much as you should be.

Founded by award-winning, booze-loving, knowledge-thirsty ex-bartender Leon Dalloway aka @TheGinBoss. The Gin Journey is here to set the world alight with gin love.

We have formed a crack team of gin commandos and created a set of astounding gin events to educate and inspire and bring the finest gin fun to you.

We at the Gin Journey are wild about gin, loco about cocktails and insanely in love with Britain so we wanted to bring these three wonderful things together to create a set of utterly unique experiences. We aim to showcase the finest gin the world has to offer and supply the tastiest drinks the mind can fathom. Enjoy.

Gin Journey (LDN, MCR, LIV, EDI)

The Gin Journey is a night out like you've never experienced before where you will be taken on an educational and fun-filled tour of London, Manchester, Liverpool or Edinburgh's finest cocktail bars to explore the spirit that has taken the world by storm.

Gin is in the limelight and oh my it’s got its swagger on. You’ll learn all about the beautiful juniper lead spirit which has had such a tumultuous yet romantic history with Britain. Gin Lane, Mother's Ruin, Dutch Courage, cucumber or lime - you name it, we'll chat about it.

On our tour you’ll be chauffeur driven by gin carriage (posh mini bus) to five gin parlours which double as beautiful cocktail bars (includes a working gin distillery on the London and Edinburgh tour). You'll enjoy samples of specially selected premium gins. You'll quaff well crafted gin cocktails, all whilst finding out about the history and production methods behind everything that touches your palette.

You won’t need to book a taxi, order a drink, and what’s more, there’ll be an area reserved for you in every bar. Sound great? It is.

The Gin Journey is an evening event that begins at 18:15 in a central location of each city and finishes around 23:00 in a similarly central location. Food is available on every tour but not provided. You are informed of your meeting point a week before the event. If you need more information please don’t hesitate to ask.

The Weekend Gin Journey is a Saturday event which begins at 14:00 and finishes at 18:30. Apart from that it runs identically to the Gin Journey. Roll on the ginny good times.

The tour includes 5 samples of gin, 5 cocktails, a chauffeured drive from bar to bar, *no hangover and a ridiculous amount of fun.

Private bookings and gift vouchers are available, to inquire please email leon@shakerattleandstir.co.uk.

*no hangovers guaranteed only when sticking to the prescription of your Gin Guardian.

"Gin's answer to Willy Wonka."


"Friendly and animated throughout… A remarkable deal."

The Guardian

"Like a school trip only sexier."

London on the Inside
As featured in Die Zeit, USA Today, The Daily Telegraph and on the BBC's Inside Out. Read and see all of these in our blog.

The Negroni Journey LDN

Gin, Campari, Vermouth. A glorious combination creates the kingpin of the aperitivo. The Negroni Journey is here to take you on an exploration of this ruby red Italian drinking gem of a cocktail. It’s the same vibe as the Gin Journey just all about the Negroni. You think you’ve slipped into a little bit of drinking heaven? Yes indeed you have. We’ve put together a program of classics and twists, using varied vermouths and gins yet only one Campari to celebrate the Negroni the best way we can.

The tour includes 6 variations of the Negroni, a chauffeur driven gin carriage from bar to bar, your very own Negroni Guardian (Journey host), plenty of knowledge, lots of little prizes to be given away and a ridiculous amount of fun.

Private bookings and gift vouchers are available, to inquire please email leon@shakerattleandstir.co.uk.